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running a FedoraGold full node (daemon)


Fedoragold nodes can be run on all 3 major operating systems, however we recommend installation with Ubuntu versions 18+ (or later).
FedoraGold provides precompiled binaries for Ubuntu 18+ ; those are located at:


where you can download fedoragold_daemon via wget "https://github.com/jojapoppa/fedoragold-wallet-electron/releases/download/v3.1.0/fedoragold_daemon".
(for version 3.1 for example).


To access the command line parameters type: fedoragold_daemon --help
The most used parameters are described further below:

fedoragold_daemon --version : to get the current version of your backend

--data-dir : location where you would like your blockchain stored. this defaults to ~/.fedoragold

--log-file path : if you want to maintain logs, this specifies the location of the log file
--log-level # : the log level of output. defaults to level 2

--rpc-bind-port arg : the port that your local processes use when talking to the daemon (defaults to 30159)

--p2p-bind-port arg : the port that other nodes use to talk to your local node. Note: this p2p port is not typically altered unless you need to port map at your firewall)

That's it!

Everything runs well even with no params given, and the system will come up on the default ports if you type ./fedoragold_daemon

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