So what’s different about - your privacycoin DEX!

The Fedora Gold project has been around for a little over three years now. Until recently, our focus has been on building and hardening our CryptoNote based FED coin protocol. We have also been developing some cool use cases like:

  • Easy wallet mining
  • Wallet hosted VPN client
  • Fiat / fedswap gateway

The wallet mining has been a great success - providing intuitive, single click mining to anyone, regardless of tech background. It has also strengthened the network hash rate as everyday users realise how straightforward it is to mine FED coin.
Wallet Mining

The wallet hosted VPN is in beta testing, and will soon provide a means for a privacy coin based VPN service that will utilise the power and security of the cjdns protocol

A fiat gateway to is the next key use case we are building. This will provide the ability for users to enter / exit the fedswap DEX free from KYC constraints typically found in centralised exchanges.

Privacy Coin DEX

We are particularly excited about the Fedora Gold move into the DeFi space, with the launch of! Based on the Uniswap protocol, brings all the power and use cases of an ERC-20 based DEX.

Behind the scenes of fedswap is where it gets really interesting. The fedswap native token is BFED - an ERC-20 token that is pegged to our CryptoNote FED coin 1:1, so in other words - you are free to transact, trade and pool on fedswap. Then, when you want to exit privately and securely, simply convert to FED for the privacy and anonymity you deserve.

Fedora Future

We have a lot plannned on our roadmap, from finalising the VPN launch to improving the fedswap user experience.

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If you happen to be interested - all people from any background are welcome in the project team so reach out any time to get involved. If you believe in the future of privacy coin protocols then the Fedora Gold project wants to hear from you!