FedoraGold (FED)

Fedora Gold (FED coin) was launched in August 2018. The FED coin is part of the CryptoNote family, using the original CryptoNight mining algorithm. Your wallet, and your network traffic, are yours alone to see. FED also supports in-wallet mining; earn money while you browse the network!    

August 14

FedoraGold Launched

In 2018 coin launched on CryptoNight blockchain.

2019 Privacy Coin Evolution

Completion of GUI wallet
Security Enhancements

01 December, 2019

2020 Listings & Development

FED coin exchange listings:
- www.xeggex.com
- www.cratex.io
Wallet based mining launch

Q1 2021 - Privacy DEX integration

Listing on:


Q2 2021 - DEX Privacy Enhancement

A private gateway to Polygon is launched with bridge section of rebalancetoken.io, including integration to the Chainlink platform for Oracle administration. Listed on quickswap

Q3 2022 - Fedora VPN

Final work to release the Fedoragold wallet based VPN - first privacy coin protocol running over a private network


Q4 2022

VPN Service Access
Multimining with both CNv1 and UPX
Listings on txbit.io, tradeogre and more large exchanges

Your Fedora wallet can securely Tip, Pay and Receive FED Gold with some of the fastest network times around. Transactions will typically confirm within seconds! We have built in the best of privacy features - your wallet secures your FED coin in total privacy